Grafotronic DCL2


The DCL2 HAPTIC is a fully modular Digital Finishing equipment, custom-built for converting or printing labels, and able to meet any customer and market need, in regards of high valued embellished labels.
Thanks to the 100% future safe concept each module is designed for being easily retrofittable onsite at any time, and together with the complete portfolio of units and options the DCL2 series is the best choice for any printing business. The DCL2 HAPTIC offer a unique advantage in the production of labels for: wine, liquor and spirits, food and beverage, cosmetics, chemical, pharmaceutical, and tech sectors.

High speed flatbed silk-screen printing module

  • Max. web width: 14″
  • Working area: up to 14″ x 16″
  • Mechanical printing speed: up to 7.500 strokes per hour
  • Stepless low temperature UV curing system
  • Remotely controlled servo driven printing group
  • Fully adjustable printing frame
  • Suitable for different frame sizes


  • Flatbed silk-screen printing
  • Braille
  • High build and metallic doming effect
  • Suitable for soft-touch, scratch-off printing

Grafotronic Hot stamping module

  • Max. web width: 14″
  • Working area: 12.5″ x 12.5″
  • Mechanical printing speed: up to 18.000 strokes per hour
  • Tonnage: 40 Ton
  • Longitudinal and transversal foil feeding system (revolving head)
  • Foil saving
  • Multifoil designs in single pass
  • Foil waste optimization
  • Multi-stroke for foiling and embossing
  • Quick setup of repeat jobs
  • Suitable as embossing unit
  • Suitable as flatbed die cutting unit


  • Hot stamping
  • Foiling and Embossing (also in a single stroke)
  • Embossing
  • Hologram application in register
  • Flatbed die cutting

Most common modules applications and features


Flexo printing and varnishing unit:

  • Flexo printing module rotary / semi-rotary with UV / IR Dryer
  • Re-register drive for over printing / in setting
  • Chill roller for film/heat sensitive materials

Lamination & cold foil options:

  • Self wound lamination with and without carrier, UV lamination
  • Cold foil and Cast&Cure (Super-lamination)

Die cutting modules:

  • New generation Semi-rotary die cutting system 361 ft/min
  • Q-FLEX Automatic flexible die loading system
  • Compensation program for flexible dies semi-rotary die cutting
  • Contact matrix waste rewind (snowball type) incl. back score unit
  • K+B Gapmaster with pressure control and oiling system
  • Servo driven Sheeter with conveyor table

Standard Technical specificationS

  • Max. web width: 14″ / 18″ / 22″ / 26″
  • Max. mechanical speed rotary: up to 722 ft/min
  • Max. mechanical speed semi-rotary: up to 492 ft/min
  • Max. unwind roll diameter: 39.5″
  • Unwind shaft size: 3″
  • Flexo modules available: Full rotary / Semi rotary
  • Max. printing width: 14″ / 18″ / 22″
  • Die cutting modules available: Full rotary / semi-rotary
  • Slitting systems available: shear cutting / razor knives / crush cut knives / SCI-FI KNIVES
  • Max. rewind roll diameter on 1 shaft: 31.5″
  • Max. rewind roll diameter on 2 shafts: 2 x 23.5″
  • Rewind shaft size: 1″ – 6″
  • Drive: Servo