Grafotronic DCL2


fully modular HIGH-END Digital embellishing

Grafotronic HAPTIC DIGITAL delivers outstanding results and reliability thanks to the full integration of the most robust inkjet technology available. DEM (Digital Embellishing Module) delivers a seamless application of specialty finishes – it can be used for digital spot varnish or for a full range of foil effects, including metallic foiling, hologram application and tactile finishes. It is compatible with many different substrates offering maximum flexibility.

Grafotronic HAPTIC DIGITAL represents greater efficiency and simplicity in embellishing labels. This sustainable finishing solution applies decorative finishes with minimal waste and without the need for tooling like printing plates or screens, which significantly reduces production time and costs.

The HAPTIC DIGITAL offers unique advantages in the production of labels for: food and beverage, cosmetics, chemical, pharmaceutical and tech sectors – especially for short run work. Digital cold foiling is also used to enhance brand protection with anti-counterfeiting features.

Thanks to Grafotronic’s 100% modular concept the HAPTIC DIGITAL module has been designed for rapid integration and retrofitting and can be combined with any of Grafotronic’s DCL2 modules.


  • Simple, versatile, and compact in operation for complex uses
  • Digital spot varnish or full range of foil effects
  • Compatible with wide range of materials and substrates, enabling applications onto labels, tags, tickets, forms and security products
  • Enables application of variable content such as text, security marks and graphics
  • Completely toolless operation
  • Perfect solution for high-end embellishing of short run work

Digital Embellishment with patented by Kurz Inkjet on foil technology

  • Graphic design printed with UV inkjet on the backside of the foil
  • Wide range of substrate options that reach beyond coated stock to include uncoated stocks as well as thin film materials
  • Printing always on the same surface ensures consistent and repeatable quality
  • Application method is consistently the same which simplifies requirements and modifications when substrates are changed
  • Can be used for substitution of metallized paper thanks to overprintability
  • Huge variety of colors and metallic shades feasible as well as impressive high gloss effects
  • Changing from job to job without stopping and full flexibility in job size with almost no waste thanks to Automatic Job Recognition system

digital foiling with Domino K600i

The Domino K600i digital printer lays down the image / pattern for the foil on the substrate using a UV curable adhesive. The foil is laminated onto the substrate using Grafotronic’s proven 100% servo-controlled lamination system and passed under a UV lamp, curing the foil to the substrate.
Foil that does not have any adhesive under it is delaminated from the media, revealing the desired foiled image / pattern cured on the substrate.

  • Cost-effective alternative to screen printing (using high opacity white ink)
  • Reduced start-up time and less operator intervention with I-TECH CleanCap (cleaning and capping technology)
  • Consistent print colour and superior reliability thanks to I-TECH ACTIFLOW ink circulating system
  • Seamless print across the full web ensured by I-TECH STITCHLINK micro motor controller technology

Most common modules applications and features


Unwind module:

  • Inline buffer for connection to printers
  • Unwind 31.5″ / 39.5″ with active brake system
  • Web-guide with line guide sensor
  • Reel lift for heavy rolls
  • Corona system
  • Web cleaner
  • Web de-curler. Automated


  • Flexo printing module rotary with UV / IR Dryer

Lamination & cold foil options:

  • Self wound lamination with and without carrier, UV lamination
  • Cold foil and Cast&Cure (Super-lamination)

Digital Embellishment with Kurz technology:

  • UV inkjet print on the backside of the foil
  • Automatic Job Recognition system

Digital embellishment powered by Domino K600i:

  • High laydown digital spot varnish
  • Cold-foil application
  • I-TECH CleanCap automated print head cleaning and capping technology
  • I-TECH ACTIFLOW ink circulating system
  • I-TECH STITCHLINK micro motor controller technology

Die cutting modules:

  • New generation Semi-rotary die cutting system 361 ft/min
  • Q-FLEX Automatic flexible die loading system
  • Compensation program for flexible dies semi-rotary die cutting
  • Contact matrix waste rewind (snowball type) incl. back score unit
  • K+B Gapmaster with pressure control and oiling system
  • Servo driven Sheeter with conveyor table

Slitting systems:

  • Crush cut station
  • Auto set or manual under/back scorer
  • SCI-FI KNIVES. Automatic knife positioning
  • Shear cut slitting system
  • Razor Blade slitting station

Rewind modules:

  • Servo driven rewind module for rolls up to 2 x 23.5″
  • Semi-automatic turret rewinder
  • AUTOCUT automatic web cutting and start of new cycle
  • Non-stop buffer module incl. additional ultrasonic web guide

Standard Technical specificationS

  • Max. unwind roll diameter: 39.5″
  • Unwind shaft size: 3″
  • Slitting systems available: shear cutting / razor knives / crush cut knives / SCI-FI KNIVES
  • Max. rewind roll diameter on 1 shaft: 31.5″
  • Max. rewind roll diameter on 2 shafts: 2 x 23.5″
  • Drive: Servo