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Grafotronic, founded in 2004, is a Swedish/Polish company based in Europe with sales and service centres in Chicago, Illinois, for the North and South American markets, and in Bangkok, Thailand for the South East Asian markets. We have currently supplied over 1100 machines (and counting!) to 60 countries around the world.

In 2016, we began delivery of our new generation of modular finishing machines. Today, we lead the industry in remote service and ONLINE Support. Connected equipment offers the history of each machine, aiding us in diagnosing any problem that might arise, and the capability to adjust the machines to their current application. Our unique remote capabilities cut machine down-time to a minimum and allow us to propose solutions for improved productivity to the operators.

A not so steep learning curve.

With Grafotronic, live daily demonstrations of our machines are made for our customers, throughout the world, with the help of our very own professional film-team and live broadcast studio in Warsaw. Provided with your material, we can even do customer specific test productions online!

Our demos take you as close to Warsaw as you can get, without actually being here.

Grafotronic machines are prepared to work close with other MIS systems such as CERM, among others, and for online installations with digital printers, these solutions will increase productivity by reducing down-time to a minimum.
The Grafotronic Software team is happy to assist with integrating most digital printers used within the labelling industry.

Connected machines + Connected People for maximum productivity.