Grafotronic Connected & Connected+

Grafotronic is releasing a new connected concept to increase the productivity and efficiency for its customers.

With Grafotronic Connected, all customers are constantly online with the Headquarter in Warsaw. The machines are monitored in real-time, 24/7. “We can detect any abnormality in machine functions and can act long before something happens. Our service team can take immediate action and guarantee efficient production for our customers. The main idea is that our customers should be in safe hands. We take care of the machine and they can focus on their business which is label printing” says Hubert Stasinski, Head of Service at Grafotronic.

The other new feature is the CONNECTED+ App – a perfect tool for production managers and owners to find production bottlenecks and increase output of the machines. The CONNECTED+ App collects data from all Grafotronic machines in the plant. It measures waste, uptime, daily production, overall equipment efficiency and other job statistics. Thanks to this tool, Grafotronic customers can be in full control of his internal performance and boost up productivity by making production more efficient.

The Connected+ App is now available in the Apple App Store.