Schwinn Etiketten invests in the new Grafotronic DCL² 550

Schwinn Etiketten GmbH, based in Oberzent, Germany, recently installed a Grafotronic DCL2 machine.

Since its founding in 1995 Schwinn Etiketten has produced blank and printed labels in rolls and in sheet format. The company focus on custom tailor-made solutions delivering blank and printed labels in individual formats and designs. Classic flexographic printing together with digital printing offers the possibility of cost-efficient production of small runs to large series in the highest print quality.

The production portfolio includes standard labels for logistics, printed labels for product labeling as well as labels with special functionalities (such as security features, special substrates or water soluble).

With the Grafotronic DCL² 550, blank as well as digitally pre-printed labels can be processed with maximum productivity. One of the big advantages of the DCL² 550 is the semi rotary die cutting station which can reach 90 m/min maximum speed, and the automatic non-stop production features such as the automatic die loading and release system for flexible dies and the automatic knife positioning system SCI-FI KNIVES. These innovations deliver short set up times and very high efficiency of production.

Grafotronic digital finishing machines are sold and serviced in Germany, Austria and Switzerland by Swiss based Graficon Maschinenbau AG.

It was a very special project at a very special time said Dominik Heiniger, Managing Director of Graficon Maschinenbau AG, and added: Thanks to various video conferences and live online demos, the machine was ultimately sold successfully. Schwinn Etiketten GmbH is a new customer for Graficon and due to the Corona situation, to this day, we have never met in person! Even before the pandemic, this was an impossible scenario, and this project also shows how well our industry has adapted to the situation.