Kemna Druck chooses modular solutions from Grafotronic

Kemna Druck is a rapidly growing and successful, privately owned printing company based in Kamen, Germany. They recently modernised their production capabilities by adding a Multi-Layer Module to their Grafotronic CF2 machine.

Since its founding in 1971, Kemna Drusk Kamen started as a  book and offset printing company but is now a printing house with wide range of printing solutions including digital printing, screen printing, large format, vehicle branding, interior design and last but not least label and packaging printing.

Due to the growing demand for higher print runs, but split up into many small jobs, company decided to invest in Grafotronic CF2 Digital Finishing Machine.

“We chose the CF2 machine in 2019 because of the ease of use, lightness and flexibility of the system. We were also convinced by the price-performance ratio. We perceived Grafotronic as a reliable partner right from the start, which also made our decision easier” said Friederike Heckmann, representing the third generation of the managing family.

Martin Heckmann, his brother, continues: “On the machine, for example, the automatic knife positioning system, SCI-FI KNIVES, is a perfect addition to our very varied everyday work. It is not uncommon for us to produce 10000 labels for a customer, but these then have 5 different label sizes within the run. The manual changeover process has always been time-consuming. The capacity on the machine also enables us to accept many urgent orders and to implement them smoothly in our existing processes and orders.”

Now, after two years, Kemna Druckhas has invested in an additional Multi-Layer Label module from Grafotronic. Thanks to Grafotronic’s unique future proof modular concept any Grafotronic customer can make a field upgrade any time, even years later and in just one day!

The decision to add the multi-layer kit to the machine was made due to the current high demand on the market. There are very few companies that offer digital multi-layer labels in our delivery capability. The demand from our customers is already very high and we look forward to continuing our good cooperation with Grafotronic.” Concludes Friederike Heckmann.