Grafotronic is experiencing solid growth and is making significant investments in global production capacity to meet industry demands. These investments include additional – almost doubling – production capacity at existing manufacturing facilities in Warsaw and are following the high-level recruitments made earlier this year.

With these investments, Grafotronic anticipates further improvement of their market leading short lead times, by significantly increasing output capacity.

Grafotronic’s new manufacturing facility will be a fundamental element in supporting the growth the company is experiencing.

The outlook for Grafotronic this year is growth compared to last year. Keeping up with such growth rates and at the same time meeting our customers’ demands is not easy. But we have managed to be on top of things, thanks to a constant focus, adding more resources, optimizing on all levels and being fortunate with limited supplier component supply shortage” said Håkan Sundqvist President and Founder, Grafotronic Finishing Machines and added “we are extremely happy with the trust the market is showing us, and will do whatever it takes to keep supporting our customers with the optimum solutions and meeting their needs for short delivery times. We prepared ourselves on component shortage in the beginning of the year, so we made sure our showrooms were fully equipped – which at this date in time means that we sort of speak even have machines on “stock” for instant delivery”.