Grafotronic presents 3 world premieres on LABELEXPO AMERICAS

Stop by the Grafotronic booth nr 3128 on LABELEXPO AMERICAS 2022 (13-15 September) and see Grafotronic IQ, THE ONE, HI3 and much more news.

Grafotronic IQ

The workflow automation suite that enables the Grafotronic DCL2 to do job change autonomous, handling all job settings automatically. IQ works with a set of cameras that are monitoring the web and automatically adjust what’s needed. All of this is done at the highest speed within the digital finishing field. IQ takes over all the manual adjustments, and station by station is being set up with a tolerance below +/- 0,1 mm.


The fastest single anvil semi rotary die in the industry capable of reaching a 150 m/min, matching the twin anvils speed. THE ONE can be set up within just 30 cm and is developed to handle even the shortest runs in an effective way and with a tolerance of +/-0,1 mm.

HI3 Inspection / Rewinder with Choose Green program

Grafotronic Choose Green program combines sustainability and efficiency. With the new regenerating brake system, the Hi³ captures the braking energy and converts it into power – this way the HI³ is now approximately 30% more energy efficient.

On top of that, Grafotronic will also present BOON-TECH efficiency enhancing auxiliary machines:

  • boon|REBEL – small (1,2 m footprint) digital finisher
  • boon|RAPTOR – high-speed label cutter
  • boon|VELOX – automatic core cutter