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We are connected to our customers, their business and their production, which allows us to react quickly and preemptively act on potential problems long before they could possibly occur.

We lead the industry in remote service and online support. The majority of Grafotronic machines are online and connected to our servers at our headquarters. Our online support stretches from set-ups and operator training, to aiding with spare parts.

Our team of service engineers in Europe and the USA, are always ready to help our customers, equipped with the latest IT technology, to guarantee maximum uptime of Grafotronic machines worldwide.

Having connected machines offers each machine’s history, aiding us to diagnose any potential problem and to adjust the machines to their current application. Our unique remote capabilities minimise machine downtime.

With our CONNECTED+ remote service, we are readily available 24/7, equipped to help and support.

Grafotronic offers productivity statistics in real-time to your mobile phone through our CONNECTED+ app (download at the app store). Here you can monitor your production for yourself and have all the productivity statistics available 24/7 for all of your Grafotronic machines.

Through our unique CONNECTED+ app, Grafotronic delivers productivity in real-time that not only monitors productivity, but can be an insightful tool for maximising productivity. CONNECTED+ measures waste, uptime, daily production and other job statistics.

Stay connected and rest easy.

With collected data, you remain in full control of your internal performance while being able to fine tune any part of the process, to maximise productivity and secure a foundation for a successful production.

Stay connected and stay ahead.